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Helite Air Vest

Helite Air Vest

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  • The new Zip In 2 airbag equestrian vest is ideal for riders who want to combine convenience, style and optimal protection. Discrete and ergonomic, it is suitable for all equestrian disciplines, offering greater freedom of movement thanks to its more fitted cut, better integration into the jacket, a greater volume of protection in the chest area and a reduced cartridge weight.
  • This equestrian airbag is equipped with a mechanical system that is ready-to-go and easy to reuse. With its ultra-fast inflation of 100ms, the Zip'In air vest ensures optimal protection of these vital areas before impact:
  • • Cervical
  • • Back
  • • Pelvis
  • • Sacrum
  • • Thorax

The Helite vests are compatible with our Sabotier and Acmé show jackets

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